Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Future Learning Seminar for Parents - Derek Wenmoth and Modern Learning Environments

Anticipation and excitement are growing ahead of Tuesday's Parent Seminar (13 August, 7:30 pm). We're hoping to see all families represented at this informative, entertaining and social evening. Don't miss out!

Derek Wenmoth will be discussing Modern Learning Environments and the transformation of learning that is able to occur within them. This is particularly of interest because the construction of our very own MLEs begin next week! 

Derek is a top notch speaker and recipient of a George Lucas Foundation Glogable 6 Award for making a difference in education. We guarantee you will find the evening very stimulating.

We'll look forward to seeing you at the Errol Tweedie Pavilion, at the Springston Domain. Please RSVP to the School Office (Phone 03-329-5724) by this Friday as we are organising catering :-)

From http://www.core-ed.org/sites/events.core-ed.org/files/Caves-campfires-wateringholes.pdf

Community Circle Time

I was lucky enough to get to visit all the Community Circle Time groups last Friday and these are some of the exciting things I saw.  I challenge you to write a comment to tell us about some of the things you have been learning in our sessions.  Allana

Community Circle Time on PhotoPeach