Thursday, 28 February 2013

22 February Earthquake Memorial Flowers

Some of you have asked to see photos from our Memorial event held at our school gate on 22 February. 

Each child could bring along a single flower as a tribute to the memory of those who died in the earthquake on that date in 2011. 

Photos by Corrina Brown-Thomas.

Teaching the Teacher

Carol was wanting to learn how to play Minecraft. But she needed someone to help teach her. After putting a post on the school notices, she was thrilled that there were so many children showing up during the break to guide her, and they were SO patient and enthusiastic! The best teachers you could have!

Here are a few of the students, taking turns to teach something new. 

If you were there to help, leave a comment below. WHY was Carol wanting to learn Minecraft at school? And, WHY were YOU excited about helping her?

And, if you are from another school, and have used Minecraft as part of your class lessons - please leave us a comment to tell us what you had to do. We'd love to hear from you!

Carol's off to do her homework, before next week's meeting!

E-Team Endeavour's (Room 6) new 'Writing Rocks' Blog

Have you seen Room 6's new blog, 'Writing Rocks'? Wonderful writing from these Year 4 and 5 students is being shared here.

Please subscribe to this blog and check in regularly to watch the writing of these students develop with their 100 Word Challenge. They would LOVE your comments and feedback.

School Triathlon Notice for Friday 1 March

Our school triathlon is scheduled for this Friday and every year we are impressed how all children participate in this event. This event is held in the school grounds. 

The order of events will be Bike, Swim and Run. 
2012 Triathlon

The emphasis for this school activity is on participation and enjoyment. 

This is the approximate timing for events:

12:30 pm
  • Briefing 
  • Individuals Yr 7/8 - (distance to be advised) 
  • Individuals Yr 4/5/6 
  • Senior / Middle Teams
2:00 pm
  • Briefing
  • Rm 4/8 - Bike 1 laps, Swim 2 laps, and Run 1 lap 
      (these children will be supported by their buddy):
  • Rm 1/2/3 - Bike 2 laps, Swim 2 lengths, and Run 2 laps

If your child is competing as an individual or the biker in a team, they will need to bring their BIKE to school. This needs to be put down the left side of the field in the morning.
If junior children do not have a bike they are able to use a scooter. Junior children will be biking on the school field.
Road bikes will not be suitable for senior /middle students as they will be biking on neighbouring farm land and mountain bikes will be better suited to this type of terrain.

2012 Triathlon
All bikers need to bring their helmets to class on Friday morning so they can be checked to see if they are fitted correctly.

If children are an individual or swimmer in the team they will need to have their TOGS also.

Please remember that it is about taking part in a triathlon event and this can lead to children completing in other events such as:

  • Weetbix Triathlon: 17 March - Age 7 and above
  • McDonalds Youth Duathlon: 7 April - Age 8 and above
  • Meridan Kids Bike Jam: Date to be advised - Age 6 and above

If you would like information about any of these events please ask at the school office. 

Many thanks Wendy Hamlin

Friday, 22 February 2013

Springston School Newsletter 22 February 2013

School Newsletter 22 February 2013

Please note the cell number for the sale of pea straw should be 027-4322-0650