Thursday, 17 December 2015

Springston School Newsletter 17 December 2015

School Map for 2016

To help you find your way around the school in 2016, this map may be of assistance as you get used to the names of the buildings and where the classes are situated. Click on the red 'balloons' to find out the name of the building, and which classes and teachers are housed there.

Springston Rock Band

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Adventure Learning Centre Working Bee update, photos and videos - Saturday 12 December 2015

Thanks to all the wonderful mums, dads, some students, and even grandparents who were able to help with today’s working bee.

Thanks to the PTA for providing an energy-boosting lunch and others for hot drinks etc!

Photos and videos of the work in progress around midday today (Saturday) can be seen here!

Springston School Christmas Market 2015 - recording of live broadcast

Join us for a tour around this year's Christmas Market, where students show their skills of enterprise, to create and sell products to our community. This is a copy of the live broadcast, recorded using the Periscope app on an iPad Air.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Springston School Newsletter - 2 December 2015

Adventure Learning Centre Update and Working Bees

Reporter: Brodie

A huge thank you to everyone for last weekend, both the workers and the people who brought food and baking. 

We are having working bees over the next two weekends: This Saturday 5 December, we will be finishing the retaining wall and starting the installation of the pea gravel fill from 8:30am to approximately 1:30pm. 

The following Saturday 12 December and Sunday 13 December, we will finish the pea gravel installation and install the ropes, hanging tyres etc which will take most of Saturday and a half day on Sunday. 

My contact details again as per previous message ( 

Please bring a shovel and wheelbarrow and safety boots. We will need to keep all cars parked on the Leeston side of the car park and well away from the gates to the playground because there will be large trucks coming through there most of the morning. 

Actually, we would appreciate the cricket group parking off the school grounds, eg over at the hall, because of the large truck movements.