Monday, 23 September 2013

Vote for our school and $1000

Click on this link and vote for our school.  We could win $1000 of Tui vouchers for the Secret Garden if we win out of all the schools. You need an e-mail address so get your family to help.  All teachers and Room 7 - we need you!

Link to vote

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Spud in a Bucket Competition

Have you been to the office to get your very own spud and bucket?  Get it planted as soon as possible to gain the most growth.  We will be checking out the spuds on Picnic Day.

There will be prizes for the most spuds, the biggest spud and the ugliest spud.

Make sure you get yours growing and all the money raised goes to The Secret Garden so we can begin some more cool projects.

Tui Garden Challenge - vote for us!

Check out the blog posts from schools in the Tui Challenge.  Make sure you write us comments and vote for our posts.  Is there any other learning in the garden that you would like to post a blog about in the comepetition?

Remember - vote for us using the big tick!
Click here to visit the blog posts.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

School Open Friday

Congratulations on your A+ Adaptability as we struggle with the challenge of no power. We have no indication as yet when power will be restored to school. We plan to open school on Friday provided the weather is fine, regardless of the lack of power.

Some things you need to know: The back gate to school via the field and Secret Garden are both locked and closed until further notice. This is a safety issue because of tree damage and it is likely that these gates will be locked for the rest of Term 3.

On Friday afternoon we are planning a fun event at the Domain for the children to welcome them back to school. We will be leaving for a picnic lunch and activities at 12pm and welcome you to join us. Subway will run as normal. Icy-slicy will be postponed until next Friday.

Please note that with the power being out, we have no phones, heating or alarm systems. We will leave it to your discretion as to whether you send your children to school. If the weather should turn cold or wet, these plans will need to be reviewed. The school will open unless you are advised that it is closed by school websites, Facebook and the More 92 FM radio station.

School Closed Thursday 12 Sept

School will remained closed today due power outage. We will update further details today.