Craft Day

School Entry Sections

It is compulsory for children to have at least ONE entry in the Novelty section AND ONE entry in the Flower Arrangement section.

You must bring the items for these entries to SCHOOL on the morning of the event AND the item MUST be created AT SCHOOL.

Novelty Section:

Creative Vege 
Use any vegetable (or vegetables) to create anything - eg creatures, objects - use your imagination!

Frivolous Fruit
Use any fruit or fruits to create anything - eg creatures, objects - use your imagination!

Eggy Adventures 
A decorated hard-boiled egg 'dressed' appropriately and placed in an adventurous setting.

Crafty Recycling - Bottles and Tins 
Use your recycled bottles or tins to create something interesting or useful.

Flower Arrangement Section:

Super Sand Saucer 
The school provides sand. Bring and use a variety of flowers to create a beautiful sandsaucer. Consider ideas about symmetry, pattern, colour. Cover all the sand. Only flowers to be used to decorate the saucer.

Shades of Green
Instead of using flowers, you may use any green, natural object - eg leaves, grass, vegetable leaves etc

You might choose, instead, to make a bouquet of your flowers. You will need something to present it in, or some way of tying it together in your arrangement.

Mini / Unusual container 
Bring any mini or unusual container (eg tin, lid, bowel, urn, teapot, tray, vase, collander, box etc) AND some plant or flower material. Put these together to create something creative and interesting to look at.

Nature Sculpture
Bring some plant material (and other items - eg shells, sticks, small logs, stones, branches, driftwood, acorns etc) and create a free-standing sculture.

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