Monday, 28 May 2012

Getting Animated!

Today some of the students and their teachers had an extra opportunity to work with Carol because she was visiting school as part of the NET Programme (Natcoll Education Trust) promoted by Yoobee's Natcoll Design School.

All students were learning to be creative with iPads. Students from Room 4 (Years 1-2) worked hard on making their own Fotobabbles for their Rockets Blog (Magical Animal Makeovers and some wonderful stories you'll see further down that page). 

Students from Room 2 (Years 2-3) started learning about animation with the iPads, using I Can Animate

Room 6 students (Year 4) started to created animations for the stories they had written. These will later be put into iMove, with voice recording of the stories being told, or the characters talking. What fun!

Here are photos of the Room 4 students hard at work with their scenery and characters. Why don't you ask them about 'onion skinning', and what sorts of things they need to be careful with so they get a great animation!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Serious stuff - KUBB!

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Over the past week we have introduced an exciting new game in the playground - Kubb! Kubb is a game that may have been played a thousand years ago by the Vikings, and it is now played by people in many countries around the world, but especially in Sweden. It is also being played elsewhere in New Zealand.

It looks simple, but is VERY competitive (ask Liz!). It can be played anywhere - at the beach, on the lawn, at the park, on gravel, on a court, or even on snow! You can buy a set, or make your own and play with your family. It makes a great family present - ask any of the children who have played!

Here is what Jackson (Room 7) had to say after playing Kubb:

Kubb is a game that some people played last week. Kubb is a game when there are two teams of three people. The players get two cylinder sticks each and there are five rectangular shapes on the other side of the playing area that they have to hit (without hitting the King in the middle or you will lose automatically). Kubb is a very fun game, and remember you can sign a team up in the office to play at third break on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

School Newsletter 25 May 2012

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Junior Orana Park Trip

This trip will go ahead on Thursday 17 May.

We will use all the same parent helpers that were on our lists. If you are unable to make your parent help job this Thursday - please let your child's teacher know so a replacement can be found.


Rachelle, Corrina, Julia, Bev, Helen

Friday, 11 May 2012

'A Team' Executive

Let me introduce you to our ‘A Team’ Executive for 2012. This group head up our student leadership team and work closely with our staff to represent our student voice.

This year our executive had to submit a proposal for a project they would like to lead at school, and each has been assigned a teacher-mentor to assist them in working towards their goals. Oliver and Jake are focusing on playground developments, Billy is keen to get some skate ramps built, Kes is going to organise a school wide talent quest and Jasmine’s focus is on getting some Jump Rope activities up and running.

We are very proud of the way our senior children step up to these leadership roles. We have high expectations of our Year 7 and 8’s, and they rarely let us down.

Rotary Quiz Champions

Last Tuesday, 8 May, Freddie and I participated in the Lincoln Rotary Schools’ Quiz at Lincoln University. After a tasty meal, the quiz began. There were 4 rounds of 10 questions each. 

Before the quiz, each school had submitted 12 questions, ranging from the results of the last Crusaders game to the Periodic Table. Four of each of the schools’ questions were included in the quiz. 

After the first round we were in 4th place. We got 8 points out of 10. After the 2nd round, we were in second place with Prebbleton still leading. Before the last round, Prebbleton and us were tied in 1st place. After the last round, we knew we had 8 points out of 10, but we didn’t know if we had beaten Prebbleton. 

They announced the placings: “In 3rd place Halswell on 29 points. In 2nd place, Prebbleton on 30 points. In 1st place, Springston on 32!” We won a $50 book voucher for the school and $30 in Whitcoulls vouchers for ourselves. 

Some sample questions: 
  • What is the first element in the periodic table?
  • What year did Abel Tasman discover NZ?
  • What is the largest organ in the human body? 

Reporter: Oliver (Room 7)

School Newsletter 11 May

School Newsletter 11 May 2012  
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