Sunday, 15 March 2015

Enviro Schools Tour 2015

Well done to the Hapa Haka Team, Eco Team and Waka Stride for welcoming 80 visitors from other Enviro Schools as part of the annual Enviro Schools Tour. They were impressed by your welcome, knowledge and the exciting projects we have completed. You showed manaakitanga to our guests.

Check out the slide show below.

 Enviro School Visitors on PhotoPeach 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Art in the Garden

Thanks to the families who came to help us celebrate the new art in the Secret Garden during Friday's Picnic Day with the cutting of the ribbon. The garden is looking amazing due to the students who go down at lunchtimes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday along with the endless support of Zanada.

Most of the art works have been installed but there are still the Canterbury Plains painting and the Wind Fence that need to find permanent homes, so keep watching this space.
We also need to thank Lisa Amua for her expertise in Māori art and the Lewis Family's generous donation that was used to cover the costs of creating the art works.

Remember that you are welcome to visit the garden anytime and that 20 minutes of work in the garden is rewarded with being able to take two lots of veges home for tea.

Art in the Garden on PhotoPeach