Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Freddie's Earthquake Musical Composition

Senior students recently had the opportunity to attend a music workshop with Carol, using Garageband, as part of their Arts inquiry this term.

Freddie (Year 6, age 11) composed a song and created the backing for it. This was the first time he had used this software but he didn't just use the loops that come with Garageband, he used the software's musical typing keyboard to create three of his own loops. But wait, there's more....
Freddie then sang and recorded his own song!

Freddie has been learning the guitar for about 5 years. He certainly has a great musical future ahead of him! Isn't this marvellous!

Firstly, here are the words of his song, and then you can listen to Freddie's recording - WOW! We'd love to hear your comments about this!

While asleep we never knew,
What would come that night.

Paintings fallen, wine askew,
We had quite a fright.

Everything had fallen down,
People sat awake.

It made itself world renowned,
As an unexpected quake.

Aftershocks are every day,
Shaking us up.

Its wasting lots of things away,
But wait and it will stop.

Also able to be heard on YouTube!


  1. Wow Freddie, that is amazing!
    I can't believe this is the first time you have used this software.
    You are so adventurous for giving it a go!
    Well done

    Mrs Watson (Rachelle)

  2. What a fantastic song! Well done Freddie! I shall be using this with my A Level Geography class to help introduce my lesson on the Christchurch earthquake. I'm sure that they will like it just as much as we do.

    Kelly, Nick and Lily - Isle of Wight UK


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