Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Peter and the Wolf

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This term Rachelle Watson (Room 8 teacher) has decided to organize a classic musical for the senior students. All the children interested in the play had to audition in front of lots of other people, which was very nerve-racking. Here is the cast.

Peter: Kachina and Kes

Bird: Libby H and Alice M

Duck: Georgia W and Alice T

Cat: Hannah D and Lucy B

Wolf: Emma B and Jahna W

Grandpa: Morgan and Emily W

Hunters: Alex P, Libby B, Courtney J, Myami, Annabelle, Esther, James T, Nick R

You may wonder why there are two names for each role. Because there are going to be two shows on two different nights.

These students rehearse in their own lunch breaks under Rachelle's supervision. Hopefully Peter and the Wolf will be preformed at the Arts Festival, in week nine.

We are very lucky to have Mrs. Watson as our wonderful Director and her fabulous expertise.

If you are interested in finding out more about this famous musical go to Wikipedia.

Reporter: Kachina

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